Youth Service

Our Rotary Club has always had a strong connection with Rotary Youth programmes.

We have been long term supporters of Youth Exchange and the positive impacts it had in the world. Several of our former students are featured on this page.
The other major program we like to support is the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards camp that is held annually in January. The camp aims to develop leadership in the community and in business and takes the participants well outside of their comfort zone. 

Some of our programs

From our Monthly Bulletin for July

The COVID pandemic has thrown a wrench in the works for many of the Rotary youth programs for the year 2020-21. As the Youth Service director this has made it a little challenging to plan for the club but not impossible.

Knowing that I might have my hands tied after the arrival of my son at the end of June, I tried to get a head start on my portfolio before the Changeover night. I was able to connect with both the Interact and Rotaract clubs in our district and start discussions about possible programs we could plan together online. One idea is to create a mentorship program either in the form of a one-to-one mentorship with our club members and the members of the Rotaract club to learn about a particular profession or industry. Another idea is for our members to create presentations about their professions or industries based on what either the Interact or Rotaract clubs are hoping to learn about. I am waiting to hear back from both clubs to discuss what would work best for their members.

Our club will be hearing from the Interact Patron, Lynne Bradfields, and the President of the Rotaract Club, Tiana Jarmyn on 10th of August and 17 of August respectively. We are really looking forward to their presentations!

The club has had a need to increase its marketing especially to create awareness of the club, to engage with members of our local community, and to increase our membership. We are now working to achieve the above goals with a marketing team made up of skilled and experienced volunteers. The club would like to welcome Ankita Agarwal, Haru Nguyen, and Priyanka Mukherjee to the club and we are very excited to get started!

Although a lot of youth programs have been put on hold, a few programs are trying to experiment with their formats and carry out their activities online. I will be attending a webinar on the 13th of August to learn how RYPEN hopes to carry on with its program virtually.

The first month of the Rotary year has felt busy, which I hope is a sign of a very productive year for the club, even though we are socially apart!

Thank you!


We are very proud of former Exchange student Nicolina from Sweden Presenting research by KTH-dESA on the International Workshop on Environment and Alternative Energy by NASA and ESA. What an experience— at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

Our 2020/19 Youth Director