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Weekly Message - 4th July 2016

Last Saturday was not only “Election Day”, but also our last Changeover for the Rotary Club of Hornsby.

Once again, we had a presence at Hornsby TAFE.  We provided a BBQ, books, and the opportunity for the public to support Studio ARTES.  This event was made much easier by the combination of support of both the Hornsby & Waitara Rotary Clubs.  The day was a marvellous start to our new club, The Rotary Club of Hornsby District, but more on that later.

The Shamrock was the venue of this year’s Changeover.  It was a smaller, and much more relaxed, event this year.  We had about 20 people in attendance, but had a really good time and the food was excellent!

PP Robert Caldwell received the coveted Nulli Secundus award.  This award is only for Rotarians, and is in recognition of their service to Rotary as well as the community as a whole.  Congratulations Rob.
President Geoff was honoured with another Paul Harris Fellowship.  The Club wanted to show Geoff just how much we appreciate his hard work in all aspects of running the Club.  PDG Bruce Allen did the actual pinning of the PHF, Double Sapphire, whilst Rob described why we all felt Geoff was deserving of this PHF.
Last night a few of us attended Waitara Rotary’s last changeover as the Rotary Club of Waitara.  Local solicitor, former member, and all around good guy, Doug Spencer, was the keynote speaker.  Doug reminded everyone about how fun Rotary membership is.  There was much reminiscing about how the two clubs grew from one, and are now going to be one again, but much stronger than just the sum of its parts.
The Rotary Club of Hornsby District formation is underway.  The process and methodology has been agreed upon between our President and Peter McIntyre, the new President of Waitara’s Club.  We are in the process of changing the name of our club, and requesting a new charter.  Once that is done, the existing members of RC Waitara will transfer to that new entity, then all this is left is the paperwork for both clubs to wind up the legal bits; and of course the paperwork for the new bits.
I feel we are on the verge of a very successful year ahead, and I am looking forward to our new, and stronger, club.  Our achievements are only limited by our ideas and imagination.

Yours in Rotary Service,
Bobby Holder, Vice-President






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